The Bali Tarot Deck by Jean Kathleen Redman

Welcome to the Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana.  This is the first time in history that the Balinese Culture has been translated into the Tarot Cards. Here you will find a few of the paintings of the 22 cards of the Tarot "Major Arcana." The prints will be for sale soon.The companion booklet is almost finished and the deck is yet unpublished. Thank you for looking!  This Site is basically a teaser site until I can accomplish my dream of getting the deck published. The site has a members area, somehow I cannot take that off so if you would like to join now then I can add you later to my newsletter which could be in 6 months or more. I have another another website to profile my reading, bio and the Bali decks. Please go to, it will provide more information about teaching, writings and my article blog.  Please email me for Tarot Readings at or go to my website. At present I offer readings via email, Skype, phone or live in p


The Creation of the Bali Tarot Deck


The Bali Tarot Deck, The Major Arcana is yet un-published as I am completing the companion booklet. It was designed and created by me, Jean Kathleen Redman. I drew all the designs and their symbols. I created the color palette using Acrylic paints, black ink and a variety of artist pens. I commission a very talented Balinese artist, Dewa who needed a great deal of translating from Bahasa into English. I had to create the palette due to the names of colors such as Cerulean Blue or Crimson Red so we would communicate properly in terms of the paintings.  I bought all supplies, the paints, paper, pens, brushes and inks so that the artist could paint. I ask Dewa to paint my designs in the traditional Balinese style.  For the Tarot cards I followed the styling of Arthur Waite and Pamela Cole Smith, the team that created the Rider-Waite Deck in 1906. This way any Tarot Reader can read the symbolism in the Bali Deck. 

I had been living in Bali for 5 years when a vision of the Major Arcana Tarot of Bali literally spread itself  before my eyes. That afternoon in May 2008 with my sister Lee who was visiting Bali , we put together most of the images of the cards while sitting by the pool. I have read and taught Tarot for 30 years and I have had a deep love for symbolism, it is the language of the Tarot. 

When I was 13-14 years old and living in Japan, I had a dream to move to Bali and 40 years later I was able to manifest that dream. My motivation was to immerse myself into the Balinese Culture. Lucky for me I met a Balinese man three months after I moved to Bali who became my great friend. He is from a village in the upper lake district of Bali, a Landscaper/Farmer of vegetables and fruit, in the region that I call "The Heart of Bali".  Komang welcomed me into his family, his Religion and lucky for me into the deep mysteries of  the Balinese culture. I already had much knowledge of Indian Hinduism and Animism so it was easy for me to grasp the differences of the Balinese Hinduism called Siwa Buddha. My path had led me to study Native American Shamanism, Mayan and other cultures of Shamanism and I was familiar with the the Balinese Balians, the Shamans of Bali before I met them, all Shamans speak the same language albeit the ritual may appear to look different.  A High Priest and his family opened their home to me and the lay Priests of the Temples called Mangkus offered to take me into the sacred areas of the Temples and into the Balinese practice of white magic.  I met only White Magicians but was told stories about the working of the Black Magic of Bali. The Balinese culture is an exotic and fascinating culture, filled with daily Myth and Magick and devotional spiritual practice. I was fortunate to be embraced by the Balinese and now I am able to bring the mysterious and the beauty of the Balinese Culture to you through the Tarot Cards. 


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